Interview with Renée Moore, Business Beyond Borders
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Data: 18-08-2013

Dr. Renée Moore started out her life as poverty stricken farm girl from Texas but went onto created her own road map to financial and business success shortly after moving to Germany in 2003.  She started her first set of companies in 2005 that quickly reached the multimillion Euro mark. She then became a serial entrepreneur by the age of 40 and successfully created and sold her own multi-million Euro companies in Hong Kong, India, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Panama, Mexico and the US.  As her most recent business venture, Renée launched Business Beyond Borders in 2012, a company dedicated to helping startups and small and medium-sized firms grow profitable companies through successfully positioning and marketing their products and services using the latest techniques on a local and international level.


Simona Sandru, Romanian Association of Women in Business: With an educational background in Biology and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, you entered the entrepreneurial world and shortly reached success. Which were the factors that produced that switch and that motivated you?


Renée Moore: That is a very good question because, as you know, the traditional direction when you have those degrees is to stay in academia or work in a laboratory. I was really driven by the love of cultural diversity and the desire to help people around the world to reach their business and financial objectives.  

A truth for me, and for hundreds of other small business owners that I mentor, is that I can do more to fulfill my purpose in life, and serve in a bigger way with my own company than I could ever do within the confines of a corporate career.

We have this lifetime to ‘make it happen’.  I felt an obligation to myself and the rest of the world to get out and ‘make it happen’, so I did.


Simona Sandru: You moved from US to Germany, from a corporation to your own startup. Was it a difficult turnover? How has that move influenced your life?


Renée Moore: It was the most terrifying, painful, exciting, challenging and rewarding time in my life. I literally changed everything in my life at the same time. My country, my home, my family, my career, my language, and my diet - I prefer to be vegetarian, which in Germany is not that easy.

This was a real metamorphosis for me.  I am often recreating my self to go to the next level, but this was the biggest change up to that point.

While the physical move certainly changed my life, it is really the psychological and emotional move that has had the most influence on who I am today.

The experience resulted in a new level of confidence, maturity and responsibility for taking direction in my life.  I learned that I can really rely on myself.  If I can move to a foreign country, start a company, then grown it to 10 companies in a 5-year period of time, all while not being able to speak the local language at the time, then I can do a lot more than I think.  This responsibility continues to drive me today.   


Simona Sandru: You created a company that soon turned into a multimillion Euro one. How did it all start? Which is the secret that lies beneath?


Renée Moore: (Smiling) It all started with a quiet meditation during an Ayurveda massage.  It’s a great story, I will have to share with you sometime over a coffee.  

The secret to launching a successful company is to remember your business is about your customer, and what results you can bring to them.  People buy results.  You have to gain complete clarity about your expertise and what the market and your customer are wanting in terms of results and how you can deliver those results for your ideal customer.  

From there, it is critical to your success that you have the correct positioning on the market.

I realized that I couldn’t be the first company like mine in my market, so I created a new market.  That is what I did with my companies in the past, now with Business Beyond Borders, and with my customer’s companies. So many small companies spend their time trying to look and feel like the big guy, and this is their biggest mistake.  They need to go after what makes them unique, and understand why anyone should buy their product or service over the big companies.  You can’t compete with the big guys if you are trying to be just like them.  You have to create your company based on why you do what you do and why your customer should buy your unique product.


Simona Sandru: To which extent has the corporate experience helped you in building up your company?


Renée Moore: The corporate world help taught me some about business structure and how to be competitive on the market.  I had my first experiences in a safe corporate job with marketing, business development, project management, finance and international business.

The experience also taught me about inefficiencies that come with big bureaucracy. And that I am really a creative thinker and an over performer, who will never be fully compensated for what I bring to the table in a J-O-B.  It taught me that I can serve more people buy going out and creating my own company.


Simona Sandru: Which is the profile of your company? What is its mission and objectives?


Renée Moore My current company, Business Beyond Borders ( , is my 11th successful company and it is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and small business owners to create inspiring, profitable businesses so they can reach their financial goals and have more success in their business and in their lives.   

I personally serve as a business mentor to each of my customers (70% are women) and help them to successful launch or relaunch of their companies in a powerful and profitable way. I am on their ‘Executive Team’ so that they no longer have to do it alone, and have the support from someone who has the experience and strategy to help them reach their desired levels of success.


Simona Sandru: Business Beyond Borders offers programs meant to increase business success. How were the programs designed? Out of your experience? Out of the market trends and needs?


Renée Moore:  My programs are built on the exact strategies and using the same tools that I used to build my own successful companies around the world. I have literally created a toolbox that I give to my customers with the exact step-by-step approach on how to position, market and launch a company for maximum success.   

I mix in the latest marketing trends as well including video marketing, blogging and social media which are part of the important tools that business owners must have in the businesses in 2013.


Simona Sandru: Whom do these programs help to and how can they be applied for?


Renée Moore: Most of my customers (about 70%) are powerful businesswomen who want MORE in their lives.  They know that they have a great product or service, or a great idea for one, but need help from an expert to get to the level of financial and personal success that they KNOW they can achieve.  They need strategy, guidance, access to the latest marketing and business tools, and accountability for getting what they have learned launched within their businesses. Sometimes they need the confidence to play a bigger game in their business.  They are tired of being alone in their businesses and feeling stuck without the executive level support to grow to the next level.

Most importantly they are women ready to take action.  Ready to DO something to change the way they do business and change the level of satisfaction they have on a personal level.  They don´t make excuses and they do what it takes to get the job done.

I have three programs for small business owners: The 4- Week Marketing Made Easy Marathon (next one starts in September), the Quick Start to Profit Academy, and the Profit Accelerator Academy  (both are 6-month programs starting in October).

These programs are perfect for anyone planning to start a company that wants to learn how to do it correctly from the very beginning, and save a lot of time and energy by knowing exactly what to do.  They are also perfect for anyone who has been in business but is not able to get to the level of financial success alone and needs someone to take them there.

You can find more information listed on my website on the home page side bar. But anyone interested in MORE can contact me personally at


Simona Sandru: Sounds like an exciting opportunity for international lady entrepreneurs.  Thank you, Renée


Renée Moore:  Absolutely.  There is no other program like it in Europe. 


Interview by Simona Sandru

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