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„The Women in Business edition I had the pleasure to be invited to was a real experience. From the public, where I ...


”Although I am part of a business and life “project” started and run by a woman and my job i ...

Member's Testimonials

”Although I am part of a business and life “project” started and run by a woman and my job implies constant contact with businesswomen, women for whom their job is often first, I have not personally known the potential, energy and passion of women who are active in business until I attended Women in Business events.

The organization is a like a melting pot in which there are skills, power, determination, passion and limitless energy, aspirations, friendship, solidarity and everything beautiful and inspiring for and in a women. The FIA community is precious networking where I met future Ivatherm collaborators – the company I represent – and where I discovered authentic models for my career and life. And most importantly, I feel like I’m among friends.” 

„Women in Business...we could say Ladies with a Heart, initiative, courage, enthusiasm, perseverance, who learn from their mistakes, but from others’ too, beautiful, intelligent, strong and sensitive, beloved mothers and wives, all wrapped up in a beautiful whole which smells like friendship and warmth called FIA. It means more than quality networking, more than a business card exchange, it means an exchange of ideas and experience, it means warmth, because behind every business, product or service we buy or sell there are people. In the end, PEOPLE make the difference and we have the chance to meet People within the community… in an environment organized with passion by the whole FIA team.

Alice Botnarenco is a true leader in the community, she is the spark which lights other in the entrepreneurship field, which became a true art in the Meet the WOMAN! project, which pleases our soul and mind. Sometimes the recipe for success is to have the right people next to you, so join the FIA team wholeheartedly!” 

„I joined the Women in Business community since it was founded, and the A_BEST Foreign Language Center has constantly supported the projects of the organization. Among these there are the „Meet the WOMAN!” events which I had the honor of attending since the first edition, each meeting giving me the opportunity to know successful business entrepreneurs who shared their business experience and who were open to build long-lasting partnerships.


I congratulate the Women in Business team and I recommend the organized events either for those who are looking for promoting ideas, ways to make their business known, or for those who are starting and need support to run their own business.” 

„I was thrilled to find out that FIA facilitates, as a key element, the creation and building of business relations. I have met wonderful people in this community, women who have already set up a successful business and women who see this as an option. The desire to support each other is remarkable, not to mention the way in which abilities and experiences are shared. I happily come to every meeting and I speak with delight about the story of Pro Design Art – the furniture company, whose mark was registered because of the support as FIA member.

I salute this initiative and work to facilitate the information exchange in dealing with the business environment.” 

Carmen Baboian, Petalia flower design workshop

„I remember the first time I attended a Woman in Business event two years ago, I did not know what to expect and how such a meeting takes place. I had a lump in my throat because every participant has the opportunity to introduce herself. I liked it very much at the end, but I did not know exactly why, so I came back. And I enjoyed it again. There is something that attracts you during those events organized by Alice Botnarenco and Veronica Stancu. Even if we gather on Tuesdays to speak about business, women in different fields, we end the night smiling, in a good mood, and we make not only important contacts, but also beautiful friendships. The Women in Business concept is a very well-thought one, the structure of a meeting is interactive, the feedback program really works. I had the opportunity to discuss and know important ladies in the Romanian business environment, who are tenacious and giving in what they do. Women in Business inspired and helped me in my personal development, but also in the floral brand I represent. We’ll see each other again in the evening!” 

"I admit I attended the first Women in Business event out of curiosity and especially to know the special guest from the Meet the WOMAN! event, Mrs. Camelia Sucu. It was a meeting with lots of hot business information merged with the economic situation in Romania and I found a very motivating female entrepreneurial environment. I chose to become an organization member and this led to the increase of my personal and professional networking, as well as to an image boost for Dr. Leahu’s Dental Clinic, which I represent.”

"My experience with Women in Business represented the drive to set up my own business. Here I met women with complex activities, with surprising businesses. And the FIA events are a place where competent women meet, with a responsible moral fiber, women who know what they want, able to put their ideas into practice with professionalism and fearlessness. It’s wonderful that Alice and Veronica thought of creating this energetic and optimistic environment.” 

„I am one of the Romanian experts who proved repeatedly they are able to perform like top experts anywhere. But in business you need more than intrinsic value. It’s a world in which value must be turned into money and a few years ago, when I decided to go into the private services sector, I was sure about the value I brought, but I had doubts related to its profitability. I found a framework in the Women in Business events which helped me to uncover the answers and to develop a strategy which paid off, in spite of the current structural crisis. On the other hand, Romanian products need consumer and Romanian businessmen loyalty to exist on a market dominated by imports. I was the first one who came up with a model of learning and development of human potential created and tested in Romania, but I didn’t have a network to promote this product. Women in Business offered me this kind of network. One of the ladies met in this environment became clients, others promoted me in their networks… and others became service suppliers for me or for acquaintances. Efficiency, elegance, ethics, respect, trust, human warmth – these are the terms which I would use to the describe the Women in Business meetings I attended.”

”I run a business which represents a lot of responsibility and mental stress, in which women are daily involved in the activity. They have to make decisions and when they go back home they are mothers and wives, being part of a very active personal life as well. That is why being a member of Women in Business meant a step forward for women acknowledged as people you can rely on.


From February of this year, since I joined the Women in Business community, I have had the pleasure to attend different events where I met successful women entrepreneurs.


I realized that as a member I have everything to gain personally, for I have the chance to make lasting and beautiful friendships, and professionally, because friends can turn into business partnerships.


I recommend everyone to join us because, by exchanging experiences, ideas and business strategies, we will improve in the business environment we are active in!” 

The entire Women in Business team brings together powerful, interesting women so as to develop viable and profitable partnerships.

Hilmi Medical Center has started several strong partnerships with WiB members: Vania Limban and Active Center have become Hilmi Medical Center partners in numerous social campaigns and even more, for the main activities of Active Center take place in the Hilmi premises now.

Casa Jad joined the Hilmi Clinic as partner and trustworthy supporter of social causes.

Blue Filmis the company chosen by Hilmi Medical Center to create all the video materials for communication campaigns.

I only wish to thank Women in Business on behalf of Hilmi Medical Center for the support given and especially for the business opportunities offered.

Women in Business is that organization I have always wanted to be a part of, as it is the quintessence of entrepreneurship for women, promoting initiative, stimulating skills and the desire to succeed.


There you can meet a lot of active discussion partners who have national and international businesses and with whom you can exchange ideas and collaborating initiatives.


It’s a special world, not at all exclusive, which wants to help members with advice and important recommendations.


I feel at ease in this new family as I find the desire to promote new successful concepts which have a place on the Romanian business market.


I am convinced that we, Women in Business, are a very important chain in Romanian society and we manage, together with all the other participants, to make a change in Romania’s development concept and its affiliation to European standard regarding the economy of the modern century. 

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