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„The Women in Business edition I had the pleasure to be invited to was a real experience. From the public, where I ...


”Although I am part of a business and life “project” started and run by a woman and my job i ...



„The Women in Business edition I had the pleasure to be invited to was a real experience. From the public, where I was pleasantly surprised to find lots of entrepreneurs, to the questions I received, everything integrated perfectly to offer a special night to all present. I would like to thank the organizers for the inspiration and the invite, but especially for the wonderful experience they offered to me.”

"I found out about Women in Business two years ago, and, after attending the Women in Business events, I found a special, friendly and professional socializing context at the same time.

Alice and her team managed to create a place where one can build friendships, but also partnerships, a place where you can come in contact with incredible women from all industries – models of attitude, initiative, experience in their own field, a place where one can exchange ideas offered generously – no just cards!

One of the major advantages of Women in Business is the very strong network put at the participants’ disposal, which completes so well the organizational concept.

I wholeheartedly recommend Women in Business for anyone who is looking for a group that offers a socializing platform, business networking and education.


"Women in Business is the right place to find yourself, your talents and abilities that represent you.

I admire the initiative of the group founder and I believe that being a member of Women in Business is an opportunity which helps you express yourself professionally and personally at your real potential.

I would like to thank Alice Botnarenco and Veronica Stancu for having offered me the chance to be part of the community’s story and I am sure that every new member will identify a series of benefits.”

”Any entrepreneur knows networking is vital for business growth and visibility, and Women in Business is a place where quality business networking is done and the same time, professional, trustworthy, long-term relations are created.

Every event is a gain for me and the Nomenius team. We think that image is formed in time and must be protected, but it is of the essence to stay in touch with the news in other businesses and Women in Business offers this opportunity.

Every meeting is an opportunity and if I cannot attend one event, I always send someone from my team.”

”Women in Business events should be on every woman’s agenda. It is the place where ideas start to shape and fear turns into the will to dare.

The Women in Business community can offer those women who are just starting a career a perspective on the options and stages they will have to go through. It’s not a simple meeting, but a real network opportunity and a useful experience change, no matter the level they reached in their careers.

Women in the Romanian business environment have never felt better.”

“I’m so happy Alice Botnarenco had the wonderful idea to create a unique meeting space for business women in Romania. I wonder how the business community would have been without such an initiative.

It is a place where you can share your business experiences, good practices and female entrepreneurship development. A community of business women was formed at a national level. A unique initiative which deserves to be applauded!

I’m glad that there are women who can and want to bring communities together, are honest, pure and constructive. Here’s to many more years!

"I met the Women in Business community when I was invited by its founder, Alice Botnarenco, to be speaker for one of the Meet the WOMAN! Sessions.

Our collaboration continued with a meeting of the association members at the Ivatherm headquarters and I think it was among the first Meet the BUSINESS events of Women in Business.

I was happy to discover a dynamic community made up of women who are or want to become entrepreneurs or have managing positions in various companies.

I met strong, active women, passionate about what they were doing and I appreciated the excellent feedback I received from them.

Women in Business is a business community, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, in which women can find inspiration, have the possibility to do networking with other women who share the same interests.

I wish everyone an excellent and fulfilling year!”

"The Women in Business Community reunites young entrepreneurs or people who work in the corporate environment and want to make important steps towards entrepreneurship. I was glad to find out that Women in Business is an extremely enthusiastic community, interested in developing personal abilities, a community which has the ability to make quality networking and inspires courage.

The courage to take a different road having the Women in Business community as a source of information support, services – everything accompanied by warm smiles and encouragement.

I wish them to evolve in 2013 and have lots of impact initiatives in the life of young women in the community.”

“We are better and stronger together. The Women in Business community is the drop of water that carves the rock.

Romanian ladies, be they beginners or experienced in business, can find out helpful ideas for the business they run with the help of this community.“

“Communities are those who make up the business world of today, and business women communities are stronger if the female networking actually works. 

Women in Business is a valuable initiative not only for its members, but for the business community in general.

I think that by exchanging ideas, fair play and mutual inspiration, women make the business environment better and more pleasant.“

„I came to my first Women in Business event totally unprepared for what was waiting for me; I was of course 100% confident in what I was going to say regarding Google and the digital world, but I was overwhelmed in a good way by the energetic atmosphere and the entrepreneurial spirit present in all those women who attended!

There were three-hour talks regarding business and applied management, relevant matters, nothing theoretical, so that in the end we all left energized in spite of the late hour, with big plans and surely more personal and professional achievement by valuable interactions.


What words would I choose to describe Women in Business? Courageous, intelligent, determined and ambitious women!” 

„Women are surely able to do business. I was delighted to find in the Women in Business community discussion partners, with various activities originating from the need to demonstrate that they are able and can accomplish themselves in a world that belongs to men traditionally. Ideas, networking, different personalities, different businesses, shared dreams, hopes of success, this is what three wonderful hours spent between members of the Women in Business community meant.

I would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to be part of such an enthusiastic group."


"I attend dozens of conferences each year, plus dozens of hours of intensive trainings with people from companies and agencies. It’s pretty rare to find communities that are well-formed and organized, and Women in Business is part of that privileged category. I hope we can collaborate again in the future because I feel very good in a context so well-defined. And I say this again, it was the first time in the last four years when I had finished a workshop at 10 PM."

‘I had the pleasure to be invited by Alice Botnarenco to be a guest speaker at Meet the WOMAN! During the event I met many members of the Women in Business community. It was great to hear stories about their businesses, to share ideas and to network. So many ambitious and energetic women! I would like to thank Alice and her team for their efforts, it was a perfectly organized event!’  

I was honored to be invited as a guest speaker to the Meet the WOMAN! business networking event and to highlight the best networking techniques and benefits of connecting with others. This was my first contact with the ‘Femei in Afaceri’ community. I was quite pleased with the vibe in the room and I had a lot fun! Alice Botnarenco puts a lot of pride and passion in these events and she is great promoter of all the members. Femei in Afaceri is a great place to meet, network and grow your business. I hope to be invited again real soon!

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